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Operating since 1955, Zephyr has a history of providing unsurpassed long term commitment to customer relationships and product development. We are one of the major flag, graphics and pole suppliers in the UK and have extensive screen and digital capacity to meet all market specific requirements.

Our shallow management structure means our skilled team are empowered to make decisions that ensure the customers needs are met fully and within agreed timescales. This agility is necessary in a design and manufacturing environment where, whilst the process is largely the same, the image content varies over 90% of the time.

The long service level of our core employees also provides an experience base that is second to none for problem solving and product development. Continuous improvement comes naturally to people working in compact teams where the impact of ones actions are reflected immediately by your colleagues rather than be hidden in another facility somewhere further down the line.

Today, Zephyr is still family owned and run, providing a stable dedication to long term investment. We continue to evolve our product range to find improved sustainable solutions for future generations to benefit from.