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Clubs and Institutions

Recruiting new members is vital to the success, stability and longevity of your club, yet who is to know at an event that there is an organisation at work, rather than just a bunch of like minded souls who happen to be in the same place at the same time? Local branding is key to your public relations and utilising our range of portable hardware with appropriate flags and graphics, will get you noticed.

Don’t forget your existing members. Standing under the banner of their club gives a sense of pride and camaraderie that helps to reinforce the benefits of membership. Your logo on our equipment is your silent membership secretary, working for you when you physically can’t be there for everyone.

Club funds are precious, so we appreciate you don’t want to squander them. You will find Zephyr highly competitive and all of our bespoke flags are made right here in the UK, not sourced from the Far East. To help with the decision process we will supply visuals of how your artwork will look for you to discuss at committee level.

We can supply bespoke flags and banners for your organisation or event and much more, including tablecloths and pop-up marquees all carrying your message. Off the shelf items such as national flags and pennants are available from stock, just click on the button top right of the page for details.