The Bannervision is an Aluminium finished ring with powerful LEDs to illuminate any flagpole.


The Bannervision is a new powerful tool for increasing the visibility and increasing attention for your flag and banners.

Using flags and banners is the ultimate way of increasing your visibility. Continous movement is eye-catching and passing members of public are automatically drawn to it. Recently, research has shown that movement in conjunction with light provides the highest visual attention value.

We offer a system to light up the flags and banners on your flagpoles in a unique and special way. The system makes your flags and banners strikingly visible in the dark!

At present the Banner Vision is only for use with the Aluminium flagpoles, Rotapole and Rotatrax

The unique bannervision system consists of a ring of power LEDs, placed in a circle around the flagpole. This means that it does not matter where the wind is coming from, the flag or banner is always lit. The poswerful CREE LEDs render a clear and even light distribution. The unit has a stylish aluminium finish, once installed it is theft and tamper proof.