Aluminium Flagstaffs

Zephyr can offer a number of options for Aluminium flagstaffs.  Aluminium flagpoles are the most environmentally friendly option we offer.  Recycling Aluminium only takes 5% of the energy required for producing the primary metal.

Each of our Aluminium poles are recyclable to a certain extent, painting and anodising reduces the grade of the aluminium once recycled which is why we stock the brushed finish to increase the recycling potential. Painting and anodised poles are available at a minimum quantity.

We have the conventional Aluminium flagstaffs with the halyard and cleat or an internal halyard facility, fixed or rotating. Our range includes the new Rota-Arm and RotaTrax, innovative flagpoles for the future.

All of the Aluminium flagstaffs are designed with strength in mind but are seamless single piece poles and tapered to ensure minimal weight and ultimate grace.

Zephyr offers a competant and professional installation service by skilled technicians, please call our Sales office on 01832 734484 for more information

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