Air Raiser Podium

The Air Raiser Podium is a portable, stylish, useful product which takes seconds to install, once out of it’s sturdy carry case, simply pull up the top plate and let the podium rise to it’s full height using it’s internal hydraulic system.


An innovative new product, the Air Raiser Podium is stylish and practical, with a hydraulic frame that raises the unit in seconds. The outer printed stretch polyester skin comes attached to the frame and folds down with the frame to be placed back in its lightweight yet sturdy, portable carry case. The outer skin can be easily removed, washed and re-attached. The frame can be re-used with a different outer skin for each new event. The podium when at its full height, can take up to 15 kilos on its top plate.

Perfect for exhibitions, speaking tours, charity stands and other quick installations, The Air Raiser Podium provides instant brand definition with the added bonus of portability and changeability. This little podium is becoming increasingly popular due to it’s portability, ease of use and it’s instant impact on its audience¬†when they see it in action.

There are two templates available for this product, you can display your logo / design only on the front of the podium or if you wish you can have a different logo each side fo the podium, perfect if you are displaying two podiums where you can have them facing different ways to use the full effect of the double logo option.

Common uses for this flagpole:

  • Exhibitions and sporting events
  • Indoor or sheltered outdoor promotions
  • Auditoriums and speech platforms
  • Temporary stands requiring portable signage

For templates, please contact our Sales Office who will be happy to send them to you.

For more information on this product, please contact our Sales Staff who will be more than happy to help on 01832 734484.

Below is a short video which highlights the instant impact of the Air Raiser.



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