Euro Event Barrier

Euro Event barrier, made from strong black aluminium tube, the units can be used together to define an area. Versatile, portable yet robust

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The Euro Event Barrier, is stylish, lightweight and functional. Made from strong black powder coated aluminium, the interconnecting banner sections, 2m, 1.5m and 1m can be configured in various ways for multiple uses.  The banners are displayed on a frame which is adjustable to provide the best tension on the banners, once the banners are on the frames, you can take the whole frame out of the unit which can then lie flat for ease of transport and quick reinstallation.

The banners themselves can be printed on PVC, mesh or heavy knitted polyester, they can be single or double sided depending on your needs. The versatility of this unit is endless, they can be used inside or outside, the vega bases are suitable for use on hard or soft ground, as they are made from heavy duty plastic they are easy to clean.  The bases can be filled with sand, this keeps the units vertical and prevents them from toppling over in the wind, when not in use, the bases can be stacked on top of each other.  As standard they come in black but for are available in other colours upon special request and a minimum quantity.

To use the Euro Event Barrier system, you firstly require the Primary Unit, either 2m, 1.5m or 1m. This includes a frame, two bases and a banner. Then you require the additional ‘Add-On Units’ that can attach to the Primary Unit and to each other.  The benefit to this system is that you can add to it at a later stage if required.

Common uses for this system:

  • External or internal banners
  • Defining or designating a temporary area or boundary
  • Internal or external exhibitions and events
  • Creating a smoking or dining area to a premises
  • Defining and ever changing area

Please contact our Sales Office on 01832 734484 for more information and a quote on this product.

Below is a short video of this system in use.


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