Forecourt D-Barrier Clamp

D-Barrier Clamp for use in conjunction with our Forecourt or Feather Pole

For further details please contact our Sales Office on 01832 734484


The clever D-Barrier Clamp have been specifically designed to be used on the D-barriers found around many garage forecourts.  They enable you to make use of these existing structures providing permanent fixtures without the need for ground excavations.   Easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, they provide increased on-site safety due to the strength of the steel brackets.  They are used in conjunction with a ground socket which prevents damage to your flagpole.

The complete D-Barrier Clamp kit comes with the top and bottom bracket, the bolts, and plastic ground socket.  For instructions on how to use this kit please click on the button below.

You will need to know the diameter of your D-Barrier to order the correct gauge clamp. The standard sizes available to buy online are 76mm  and 48mm diameter.  Please contact our sales office on 01832 734484 who will be able to assist you in making sure that the right clamp is supplied to match your requirements.

TIP: Simply measure around the circumference of the upright on your barrier and divide by 3.14 to get the diameter.
Product Instructions