Heavy Duty Rotating Arm Kit for Flagmaster


Heavy duty rotating arm kit for Flagmaster, arm length 1.2m with a weight

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The Heavy Duty Rotating Arm  Kit enables you to fly larger or double sided flags on your Flagmaster Pole.  For maximum flag size, please consult the specifications on our instruction sheet.

The arm is produced with a thicker aluminium alloy arm, it is longer at 120cm allowing for the wider flags.  To finish the unit off, it is topped off with a gold onion finial.

The use of the arm helps prevents flag theft as the pole has to be lowered in order to change the flag, this needs to be taken into consideration before installation to make sure that this is a safe and practical solution for your site. You need to install your pole so that your arm can rotate freely with no obstructions.

The kit comes complete with a Gold onion finial, Rotating arm joint, 1.2m aluminium alloy arm and a Flagmaster weight

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Weight 3 kg


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