Vega Base for Euro range


The Vega Base is for use in conjunction with our Euro Range.  It can be filled with sand or water. Available in stock in red or black



The Vega Base is a very functional eye catching design, ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, specifically designed for use with the Euro range. The base is 20cm in height and 38cm in diameter making it pedestrian friendly as it is compact, with a small foot print unlike some of the cross bases.

The Base weighs only 1.9kg empty and when not in use they can be stacked on top of each other (not with the spigot stored underneath). When filled with water, the base weighs up to 13kg, or 20kg filled with sand. The filler hole is conveniently situated on the top of the base for easy access.

The steel spigot allows for the poles installed on it to rotate freely and can be stored underneath for transit.  The Vega base is robust made from high quality rotationally moulded plastic.

Standardly the Vega base comes in Red and Black but can be ordered from a range of 13 attractive standard colours for a minimum qty of 25. To see the colour range click on the button below.

The Vega can be use in conjunction with all of our Euro Range, for other base options, please click on the button below.

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Weight 4.6 kg


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