Glassfibre Flagstaff Wall Mounted

Wall mounted Glassfibre Flagstaffs.

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Not every installation offers you the perfect opportunity for ground foundations, or perhaps you need your flag displayed further up a building away from pedestrians or other pbstacles.  A wall mounted glassfibre flagstaff provides a solution, the brackets allow you to mount your flag pole on the side of a building as high as you like. You must still make allowances for access to the pole to change flags or for maintenance to the flagstaff.

Our premium quality, brilliant white Glassfibre poles are available as standard from 6m to 8m for wall mounting.  For a minimum quantity of 10, the Glassfibre poles can be supplied to match a RAL colour reference. Super sleek and elegant, these hardwearing, weather resistant poles make an impressive display.

With this wall mounted option, it will be landscape flags with a conventional halyard which will be most commonly flown, portrait flags can be flown with the use of a rotating arm but you must be make sure that the arm and flag are clear of obstacles and can rotate freely.

The brackets supplied to do not come with fixings, these will be dependant on the surface onto which you are securing the wall brackets.  You recieve two brackets, the ‘butt cup’ which the pole sits in and the ‘mast band’ which holds the pole vertical and against the wall. For instructions on how to install this pole, please click on the button below.

Prior to installing any wall mounted flagstaff, we recommend that you seek advice regarding the suitability of the wall and the best type of fixings from a professional source.

Zephyr offers a competent and professional installation service by skilled technicians, for more information or for a quote, please call out Sales office on 01832 734484.

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