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Event Baseplate for use in conjunction with our Forecourt, Feather and Vision Pole on soft ground.

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This clever Event Baseplate has been designed for use on grass or soft areas.  It is easy to use with no specialist equipment required.  The Event Baseplate provides a strong and secure base yet is easy to remove. Once removed, there are no large holes left in the ground and the unit can be used again and again.  Because there is no need for foundations, there is no concrete required thus making this a very quick, economic and environmentally friendly option for soft ground.  This baseplate is ideal for temporary displays such as festivals and outdoor exhibitions.

The units come in two shapes, the triangular plate, this is for poles 4m and under, and the square unit, for poles 4m to 5.8m. The anchors come in two sizes, 440mm x 30mm and 500mm x 40mm. The smallest size are for the triangular unit, the largest for the square unit. The square unit offers increased safety, stability and strength, the right baseplate needs to be slected for the height of your poleas a matter of safety. The set comes with the baseplate, 3 anchors, washers and setscrews.

The Event Baseplate can be used in conjunction with our HD feather pole, Forecourt and Vision pole. As the name suggests, this baseplate has been design for temporary events, the first video below is from a 150 year celebration event at a local Cricket Club, they wanted immediate impact with a professional finish for a one day event.

The short video below shows the relocation of 4 feather poles at a local golf club. It clearly shows how easy, with the minimum amount of fuss and damage this baseplate can be moved over and over again.

Templates are available to help positioning multi-pole installations. For instructions on how to install this product please click on the button below.

For more information on this product please contact our sales office on 01832 734484 who will be happy to assist you.

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