The FlagTrax is an easy to use system, ideal for street displays as you have no need for cherry pickers, flags can be quickly and easily changed in minutes from ground level.

For more information or a quote on this product, please give our Sales office a call on 01832 734484.


The FlagTrax system is easy to use, it allows you to raise and lower street flags from ground level in seconds. No more cherry pickers, qualified technicians, traffic management plans or health & safety compliance. FlagTrax® saves money, the initial cost of the system and its installation is quickly recovered by the on-going savings made in future flag installations.

A beautiful street flag display that can be changed in no time at all, making it easier, quicker and more cost effective to run a wider and more frequent range of decorative, promotional, event or seasonal displays.

You can fly portrait or landscape flags using this system. For landscape flags, Flagtrax can display flags up to 270cm x 135cm, for portrait flags, the arm can be supplied in the required length, flying flags up to 150cm x 400cm in size.

The Flags come complete with clips which simply slide into the ‘push pull’ rod, this is inserted into a and  glides up the track on your pole, clicks into postion at the top and into a cleat at the bottom once fully raised.  The flags are secure as you need a key to access the cleat in order to lower the rod the flags sit in.  Once lowered, simply remove the old flag and replace with the new, feed the rod back up the track for a stress free, time saving flag change.

The FlagTrax system can be mounted onto lampposts and existing flagpoles.

Take a look at the Flagtrax website for more information  www.flagtrax.com/uk

If you have no existing structures, why not take a look at our RotaTrax system.  This involves the ingenuity of the FlagTrax system which is mounted onto a Aluminium rotating pole.  Click on the button below to take a look.

For more information or a quote on this product, please give our Sales office a call on 01832 734484.

Please find below a short video showing one of our FlagTrax installations



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