Glassfibre Pole External Halyard

Glassfibre Pole with external halyard.

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Our premium quality, brilliant white Glassfibre Flagstaff  is available as standard from 6m to 12m.  Longer poles, 14m.16m amd 18m are available on special order.  For a minimum quantity of 10, the Glassfibre Flagstaff can be supplied to match a RAL colour reference. Super sleek and elegant, these hardwearing, weather resistant poles make an impressive display.

Each pole is supplied with a gold finial and galvanised baseplate to ease the raising and lowering of the flagpole.

The most common way of flying a flag on these poles is by way of a standard halyard and cleat, the cleat is fixed near the base of the pole which allows you to tie off the halyard.  This option is the most economic use of the Glassfibre Flagstaff, it is also the easiest to use, it allows you to fly landscape or potrait flags without an arm and enables you to change the flags with ease without lowering the flagpole.

To complete the clean look of these poles, Zephyr can also over a base cover, this improves the asthetic look of the installation and prevents any tampering of the baseplate.  For more information on this item, please click on the button below.

Zephyr offers a competant and professional installation service by skilled technicians, please call out Sales office on 01832 734484 for more information.

Baseplate Cover  Product Instructions


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