Golf Club House Flag

Here at Zephyr we can provide the perfect flag for your Club house, whether it be printed or traditional Applique.

For more information on flags, please contact our sales office on 01832 734484 who will be happy to assist you.


Here at Zephyr we can produce the perfect flag for your Club House in various methods. We utilise both Digital printing onto a variety of polyester and coated substrates, and the traditional appliqued flags.

Printed flags are available as single or double sided, we can also print logos which in turn can be appliqued onto a flag.

Our most common substrate is knitted zephpol, (knitted polyester 110g) usually printed as a single thickness flag, reading correctly from one side and mirror image on the reverse.  Flags are also available double sided with an interliner, this option is only suitable for portrait designs with an arm, for double sided landscape flags, we recommend using our black backed material, these though cannot be rewashed unlike many of our other substrates, the double sided flags are heavier and this will need to be taken into consideration when being flown.

We are constantly asked for harder wearing flags, flags that remain intact for much longer avoiding expensive site visits to change flags and environmentally friendly by printing less flags. Our solution is our Zephpol IEP Intelligent Engineered Polyester) a breakthrough against natural wear and tear; engineered cloth that protects against the elements. Single thickness 155g flags printed from each side to give enhanced graphic – reading correctly from one side and mirror image on the reverse.
There is of course an initial high outlay for flags of such quality and longevity but recouped handsomely over their lifetime.  Signage companies and Developers are voicing their interest in such a product as the benefits are clear.

Appliqued flags are the original and traditional form of manufacturing flags and banners, it involves layering different coloured knitted fabrics on top of each other, machining round and cutting away the peice of the cloth that is not required, the ‘negative’ of the image. This method uses a specific colour range of knitted polyester, the material being appliqued on and the flag’s woven base material, this means that there are limitations on colour and pantone references cannot be matched, we can provide colour swatches on request of our cloth’s colour range so that nearest matches can be chosen.

This is a time consuming method from creating suitable artwork, plotting the design onto the relevant coloured material, machining each colour and then cutting away the ‘negative’ part of the design, thus it also an expensive option of manufacture.

The end result is a quality crafted sewn flag. For a completely appliqued flag, the best results are achieved with the simplified designs, if your logo is more complex there is the option of digitally printing the logo as a badge and appliquing this onto the woven cloth ground.  Appliqued flags are available as a single or double sided flags and can be finished in various ways ready for hoist.

If you require a flagpole for your club house, please take a look at our flagpole section by clicking on the button below. For a more detailed idea of branding for your golf club or golf event, please take a look at the small brochure we have put together by clicking on the button below.

For more information and a quote, please contact our Sales office on 01832 734484 who will be happy to assist you.

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