International Organisation Flags


Organisation flags, finished ready for hoisting

For more information on bespoke flags, please contact our sales office on 01832 734484 who will be happy to assist you


All our International Organisation Flags are available finished hemmed on three sides, sleeved down the hoist complete with drings ready for flying. Currently these flags are available in two sizes, if you need a bespoke flag size, please contact our Sales Office.

The flags are available in two material options:

The conventional knitted polyester, (knitted polyester 110g) usually printed as a single thickness flag, reading correctly from one side and mirror image on the reverse.


Zephpol IEP (Intelligent Engineered Polyester) a breakthrough against natural wear and tear; engineered cloth that protects against the elements. Single thickness 155g flags printed from each side to give enhanced graphic – reading correctly from one side and mirror image on the reverse.
There is of course an initial high outlay for flags of such quality and longevity but recouped handsomely over their lifetime.  Signage companies and Developers are voicing their interest in such a product as the benefits are clear.

Please select the required flag from the list, the size required and the material required then add to your basket. Delivered in 10 to 15 working days.

If you do not find the flag you require in our list, please contact our Sales Office on 01832 734484, who will be happy to help you.

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