Lamppost Banners

Banner display system using aluminium brackets and fibreglass rods. designed to cope with the elements.

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The lamppost banner is a designed to make the most of a space which most of us take for granted, the high footfall areas of our streets. The two fibreglass arms hold the banner out so that it can be permenantly read, the brackets have the strength to take single or double sided banners so that they can be read from both sides of the street if required. We advise that the maxium banner size used on this system should be no more than 80cm x 250cm. Banners for this system can be manufactured in PVC or knitted polyester.

The system is designed to withstand high winds, the unique and patented ‘cantilever’ arm and casting design, holds the banner under constant tension.  When the wind blows, the force is immediately transferred from the taught banner to the fibreglass arms, which then flex and help dissipate the energy.  This all important wind spill factor is crucial in protecting the banner from excessive wear and greatly reduces the forces exerted onto the lamp column.

The system comprises of 2 tempered cast aluminium brackets with an integrated spring loaded tensioning mechanism, and 2 UV treated black fibreglass arms.   The universal bracket allows the system to be mounted on almost any type of pole, regardless of shape or surface, using stainless steel geared straps, traditional banding or bolts.  The arms slide into the brackets and are held in place by stainless steel set screws; a hitch pin offers an added safety feature.  The quality materials eliminate corrosion, discolouration and peeling of paint. The lamppost banner arm system is fully compliant with the EN40 government regulation.

For a quicker and simpler way of displaying and changing fabric banners on a lamppost, take a look at Zephyr’s own flagtrax system, an ingenious new flag display system which makes the whole display process so much quick and easier allowing you to change flags from ground level.

If you require a more fixed display where you do not have the need to change your banners regularly, take a look at Zephyr’s new Banner Mast.  It uses the same strong yet flexible arm units, but they are mounted onto a 6m alumnium alloy pole installed into a ground socket which prevents rotation and movement.

Common uses for this Unit:

  • Street banner displays
  • Shopping Complexes
  • Large scale advertising campaigns

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Please contact our Sales Office on 01832 734484 for more information and a quote on this product.

FlagTrax   Banner Mast


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